The Well Woman Book: By Gena Anderson

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 Gena Anderson of The Well Woman
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Are you ready to break the cycle of unhealthy patterns? Is it time to make your wellness a priority, but you’re not sure where to start? What if the key to your health and wellness struggles was readily available to you?

The Well Woman takes the reader on a journey starting with understanding wellness through the eyes of God, helping them to begin to see themselves as he does. It breaks down the false-definitions of wellness this world tells women they should strive for, and unfolds biblical truths that provide a foundation for wellness based on the love of Jesus. The book starts with a description of a well woman, then goes through a step-by-step process of spiritual, mental, and physical healing and growth that ends in the reader taking on that description for themselves, as they become the well woman.

The blend of biblical depth with simple teaching makes this a wealth of easily digestible information. Vulnerable sharing of the author’s personal experiences with life application for the reader makes The Well Woman a valuable tool for wellness, not simply a good read.


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